Second Grade Language Games

SecondGradeLanguageHeaderChildren learn about punctuation symbols, Short and Long vowel sounds, Spelling, Tense, Soft and Hard Consonant sounds, and ending “ed” sounds.



PencilPunctuationGamePencil Punctuation Game

This is a great game for children to work on recognition of punctuation marks.  The first page contains period, comma, question mark, and exclamation point.  The harder page contains quotation marks, parentheses, colons, and semicolons.  Children identify the punctuation mark on the pencils and place them into the correct pocket.

PastPresentTensePast & Present Tense Game

This is a game for children who are learning about verbs.  After reading the listed verb on the gifts, children decide which tree to place it under, the Past Tense or the Present Tense.  There is a blank version available for you to write in your own words.


SoundReboundGameSound Rebound Game

This is a file folder game for children working on distinguishing the different 
sounds of “ed” Children are presented words that end with the “t” sound, the “d” sound and the “id” sound. After reading the basketball word out loud they “shoot” in the correct basket.


BlueIglooGameSpelling File Folder Game

This is a game for children who are learning about sounds and spellings.  Children place the Eskimo boy into the correctly spelled igloo.  Words are spelled with “oo” or “ue” and children will need to determine which is the correct spelling for the word.


GingerbreadManGSoft & Hard “G” Sounds Game

This is a great game for children who are learning about soft and hard consonant sounds.  This game helps children practice listening for the different sounds the letter g can make.



SpringPeepsGameSpring Peeps

This is a game for children who are learning to distinguish between Short e and Long e, as well as the special cases of “ea” that sometimes sound like either one.  This is a great game to expand reading skills for primary grades.


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