Third Grade

ThirdGradeHeaderThird grade is filled with opportunity to solidify key concepts while building new and important skills.  Children can learn their multiplication tables, discover simplified mental math techniques, explore geometric shapes, learn about other countries and cultures, and more.


TThirdGradeMathHeaderhird Grade Math Games

Third Grade Math and it’s time to learn those multiplication tables.  Children should already have a solid understanding of skip counting and maybe some basic tables such as counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.  The games in our math section help children reinforce these key skills.

ThridGradeLanguageHeaderThird Grade Language Games

Our Third Grade Language games encourage children to learn about punctuation, classification of nouns, and spelling.



ThirdGradeSocialStudiesHeadThird Grade Social Studies Games


Children can learn all about our founding fathers, and play this picture matching game.





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