Second Grade Math Games

SecondGradeMathHeaderOur Second Grade Math games focus on base 10, place value, three digit addition, early multiplication, beginning area, volume, addition and subtraction up to 20, skip counting 5,10 and 100.



PlaceValueBusGame Place Value Game

Children learn all about place value up to the millions with this fun school bus themed game.  This game can be played alone or as a group.  We used plastic number tiles but there are printable versions provides as well.  Children take turns drawing one number at a time.  Then they must strategically place the number on their board with the goal of creating the largest number possible.  Once placed you cannot move or switch numbers, so it’s a bit of a gamble for the bigger ones.

RoboRollersGame Building Arrays Gameboard (Robo Rollers)

This is a game for children to learn beginning multiplication skills.  This is a fun way to introduce children to arrays.  Children roll the die and use the two number to build a visual array.  They count up the result then write out their completed equation on the side.  I recommend you laminate this game and use a dry erase pen for years of use!

SmartieBoardGameSmartie Board Sweet Multiplication

This is another beginning multiplication game for children to build groups of numbers.  You can use counters, but it’s much more fun to use Smarties!  Children roll the die (or choose two number tiles under 6) and solve the equation by placing the correct amount of smarties in the correct amount of circles.  Children then count up the total and write the answer on the side.  I recommend laminating your board and using a dry erase pen, or cutting out your board and having children reecord their answers in their own math booklets.

WorkingPeanutsGameWorking For Peanuts: Adding Three Numbers

This is a game for children who are building addition skills.  Each peanut features three different numbers for children to add.  Many children will required the use of a spare sheet of paper for this game.  This is a wonderful opportunity to show children how to look for strategies to solve more difficult problems, such as looking for ways to make 10.

ClowningAroundGameClowning A Round: Rounding Game

This is a game for children learning rounding skills to the nearest 10.  Children draw two number tiles at a time, place them on the board then round up or round down.  Answers can be recorded on the bottom of the page.



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