Easter Egg File Folder Games

 Colorful Easter Eggs GameColorfulEggs

This is a color matching game for children who are working on color discrimination.  Children match the eggs to the basket with the same colors.  You can cut a slit at the top of each basket to make a little pocket to slide the eggs in.



ShatteredPatternsShattered Patterns Egg Game

This is a fun patterned egg matching game.  Cut out the eggs on the break lines and let children find the matching patterns to complete the eggs.  You can easily take this idea and run with it using patterned scrapbook paper as well.




 Short E Long E Vowel Sounds Game

This is a game for children learning to listen to the different sounds the letter “e” can make.  Children read the words written across each egg, and decided if it makes a short-e or a long-e sound and place it into the correct basket.




Spring Peeps

This is a game for children who are learning to distinguish between Short e and Long e, as well as the special cases of “ea” that sometimes sound like either one.  This is a great game to expand reading skills for primary grades.



EasterGameThe Story of Easter Game

This is a file folder game about the Resurrection of Easter time, and goes perfectly with the Resurrection Eggs below.  Children move their player along the board collecting different picture representations to the true Easter Story.  For Cooresponding Bible Verses, please see our sister site www.LapbookLessons.com


EasterWatercolorHeaderEaster Watercolor Craft
There are many wonderful Easter Bible Lessons
you can tie with this craft, you’ll have many new
children and visitors on Easter Suday.This is a
great project to remind children of THEIR choice
of belief.  There is no in between, no grey area,
you either refuse or accept salvation in Christ.
Not choosing….IS choosing.

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