Cupcakes & Sweets File Folder Games

CupcakeCountingGame2Cupcake Counting Game

This is a learning center for children to count the cherries on each cupcake and match them to the correct number.  Printable numbered cupcakes are provided or children can use number tiles as well.


IceCreamScoopsIce Cream Scoops Counting & Sequencing

This is a learning game for children who are learning basic counting and sequencing skills.  Children can order the ice cream cones from smallest to largest in size, or they can count the scoops and find the appropriate cherry to put on top.


CupcakeCountingGameCupcake Counting Game Level 2

This game is to provide children with extra practice placing and counting.  Children draw a number from the the pile and place it on the cupcake.  Then they must place the correct amount of “cherries” on top of the cupcake.



CupcakeMathGameCupcake Addition & Subtraction

This is an extension of the above counting game. Children choose a sentance strip with either an addition or subtraction problem.  Using the cupcake as a board, and the addition problem 3 + 2, children place three cherries, then two cherries on top.  Then count them all up to solve the problem.  I have my children verbally read the sentence with the correct answer.  If you don’t have time to sit and listen, have children record their answers on a piece of paper as they go.

PopColorGamePopsicle Color Matching Game

This game is perfect for Tots and Preschoolers.  Children match the tops of the popsicle to the correct bottom based on color.



GraphingGamesSweet Graphing Math Games

These printables encourage children to build early graphing and tally skills.  Using Skittles, M&M’s and Sweethearts children can take their handful and build bar graphs and visual representations of each treat.



SmartieBoardGameSmartie Multiplication Center

This multiplication center is designed to show children the concept of multiplying groups.  Children draw two number tiles (or roll two dice) and place them in the center.  Using smarties, children build the groups on their board, then use skip counting to add up their total.  Space is provided for children to record their answers.



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