Food File Folder Games

FruitVegetableGame Fruit or Vegetable File Folder Game
This is a file folder game for children who are learning about the different qualities of food, and the different categories that we put them into.  Children sort the food into baskets.  These flashcards can also be printed in larger quantities for fruit themed card games.


FoodPyramidGamePinFood Pyramid File Folder Game

This is a sorting and classifying game based on the food groups of the food pyramid.  Chidlren sort foods into Milk, Vegetables, Grains, Fruit, Meat/Beans, and Oils.  This game works well with any healthy living unit in your classroom.



FruityFractionsFruity Fractions Printable Circles

This is a free file folder game for children to learn about Fractions!  There are so many different ways you can put this set together, depending on your child’s ability level.



CupcakeCountingGameCupcake File Folder Games

We have a variety of free printable cupcake learning centers.  You’ll find games to teach colors, counting, basic addition and subtraction and more.



GingerbreadManGSoft & Hard “G” Sounds Game

This is a great game for children who are learning about soft and hard consonant sounds.  This game helps children practice listening for the different sounds the letter g can make.




AppleColorsGame Apple File Folder Games

We have a variety of free printable apple file folder games to teach colors, sequencing and more.






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